3 Best Home Models for an Income Suite


Previously, we discussed how an income suite can help you qualify for a bigger home, or a home that better fits your needs. But not all homes offer the best options for income suites. So which models are great for both affordability and a functional income suite?


At 1,648 sq ft, the Brooklyn is a unique floor plan offering three bedrooms, upstairs laundry, and a spacious loft space upstairs, an open-concept main floor with expansive kitchen area, and a versatile basement layout that allows for a spacious and comfortable two-bedroom income suite.

The income suite in the Brooklyn allows your tenants to have their own laundry, and is laid out to create a comfortable and modern living space for any type of renters.

Fully completed with income suite, popular finishes and modern living features, this model is in the high $500s.


One of Pacesetter’s most popular models, the 1,673 sq ft Willow is not only a versatile floor plan with its tandem garage and large loft area, but it also offers the potential for a two-bedroom income suite. More bedrooms mean you can earn more rent for your space.

This model comes with a preplanned income suite layout, including a private laundry room within the suite. The Willow already has a straight-run staircase, so your income suite layout maximizes the space available for your tenants.


If you’re looking for a larger home, the Mackenzie’s 2,242 sq ft is ideal for virtually any family needing four bedrooms, a large bonus room, and an income suite with enough space for two sizeable bedrooms and a super spacious open-concept living and kitchen area.

The Mackenzie offers main floor laundry and a magnificent ensuite bathroom for the owner’s suite. A lifestyle room on the main floor also offers extra space for a home office or playroom. And, if you’re building this model from scratch, you have several alternative floor plan options to choose from to personalize the home to your needs.

The basement floor plan is ideal for either an income suite or additional living space for extended family.

If you’re considering a home that requires extra space for an income suite or multigenerational family living, please contact me. I’d love to guide you on the best home model to suit your needs.